Anybody knows where Squamish is? We didn´t really have a clue where it was either at the beginning of the year. We knew that it is in Canada, but being such a large country it was difficult to know exactly where. We also knew that you can climb it, since we had seen it in the movies. However we weren´t aware that it is one of the sites for full time climbers, the same as Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Indian Creek. We didn´t know either that Squamish is a place where you can find all types of climbing styles from boulder to wall climbing. You can also find a very confortable camping site ten minutes from the wall and a loads of keen climbers wanting to have a good time. There´s only one bad thing- the rain. If the best cracks on the US West Coast are in Yosemite probably second best would be in Squamish. One has to go and check it out.

Desnivel magazine nº284

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