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At the beginning of the year we bought ourselves some cans of MOTIVOL500. These cans are not pills, or vitamin suplements, or cough mixture, or nothing you can buy in a chemist. In this case they were plane tickets to Las Vegas. Were we going to spend our pennies in the Casinos? No. The final stop was Indian Creek- the best place in the world to do crack climbing. However, a project that should have taken two weeks of our holidays, it grew big and strong until taking over all our climbing plans. We visited all the cracks that we knew, the ones some people had recommended to us, and new ones to go and see what they were like with the only excuse that we had to warm up! And when we discussed the plans for the day in front of a cup of coffee, it didn´t matter whether we had to walk two or three hours to get to a good crack. At that point there were people who had the Indian Creek guide in their bedside table and before going to sleep they would visit the several crags…

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